Wednesday, February 02, 2005


By Tamara

during an online debate with a conservative today, i was again amazed at how in love with 'corporations' and 'big business' so many middle class americans are. they truly seem to have the idea that the company store is there to protect their interests. i never cease to be truly shocked at the gullibility of the american people.

why do companies hire people at all? out of the goodness of their heart?

they hire people because they need them- supply and demand. and they hire them for as little as they can possibly pay them- the bottom line.

they are COMPANIES- CORPORATIONS. they don't breathe, they don't care, and they don't ever get sick or need healthcare.

when the supreme court granted 'personhood' status to corporations under the 14th amendment, they gave corporations the ultimate advantage over REAL CITIZENS- those of us who the constitution was intended to protect and empower.

it is shocking, really, how swiftly and STRONGLY big business has moved to eliminate all worker benefits. they can't move fast ENOUGH to screw workers! its as if they are afraid that next week americans will wake up and rise up and kick their asses- so they aren't marching, they are running as fast as they can with CATASTROPHIC haste and greed.

meanwhile, the minimum wage is stagnant at a rate of HALF the 'living wage' that americans need to support their families. the richest fifth of americans earn ELEVEN TIMES what the bottom fifth earns.

in 1980, the highest paid employee of a company earned 42-1 what their employees earned- now the ratio is 500-1.

just before the depression, the wealthiest 10% owned 90% of the wealth. after post-depression reform, their slice of pie went down to a healthy 40%, and this country prospered as a whole UNTIL NOW-
we are back to pre-depression era inequality again, and where before the wealthiest TEN percent owned 40% of the wealth, now the wealthiest ONE percent owns 40%...

yet they want more... and more... and more... one would think they'd be wealthy enough, that they'd slow down and be a bit more SUBTLE about their motives- but they could never get enough...

so greedy that they will end up destroying it all-

they are traitors to our nation, so beautifully laid on a foundation of equality. they seek to undermine our government, to cruelly lay waste to our land, to rape our resources, to impoverish our children, and to make a mockery of our forefathers.


the founders of this nation were opposed to concentrated wealth, and viewed it as antithetical to democratic values. ben franklin once said, "no man ought to own more property than needed for his own livelihood." john adams said that when wealth became concentrated in a few hands, political power naturally flowed to the few- resulting in TYRANNY.

jefferson actually mentioned sliding scale taxation on property to result in EQUITABLE DISTRIBUTION OF WEALTH-
"another means of silently lessening the inequality of property is to exempt all from taxation below a certain point, and to tax the higher portions of property in geometrical progression as they rise."

today's right wing would label jefferson, franklin, adams, and many other of our founding fathers socialists. they've invented a new mcCarthyism, ushered in by the newt gingrich/rush limbaugh/fox news corporate mouthpieces...

and this country is doomed to economic catastrophe unparalleled since the great depression if americans do not WAKE UP before it is too late...

GOD BLESS AMERICA- and god help us all.

Monday, January 31, 2005

Four U.S. Marines Killed in Iraq Fighting

Three U.S. Marines were killed in combat south of Baghdad on Monday and a fourth was killed in a separate operation in Iraq's western Anbar province, the military said.

The three Marines killed south of the capital were conducting a security operation in Babil province, the military said in a statement, giving no further details.

The Marine killed in combat in Anbar province was assigned to the 1st Marine Expeditionary Force, the military said in an earlier statement. He was killed Sunday during a U.S. security operation, the statement said. His death brought to two the number of Marines killed on Iraq's election day.

The statement did not say exactly where the Marine was killed. The large Anbar province is home to the flashpoint cities of Ramadi and Fallujah.

More than 1,400 U.S. service members have been killed in Iraq since the March 2003 invasion.


by Eric Blumrich at

I awoke, today, to find the corporate media, and the republicans, vigorously wetting themselves over today's "elections" in Iraq. Terms such as "resounding success" and "triumph" have filled the airwaves in a self-congradulatory orgy the likes of which we haven't seen since our own fraudlent "elections" here, in the good ol' USA.

But- let's get down to brass tacks, and get real.

# 1- We all know who "won" this "election"- Ayad Allawi, and his coalition of the puppets will emerge, victorious, to continue their reign as the US puppet regime. Just as it is, here in the United States, it really doesn't matter who votes- what matters is who COUNTS the votes.

# 2- The insurgency will continue, and intensify. Does anyone with two braincells to rub together think that the hundred-thousand-plus army of the Iraqi Insurgency will just lay down their arms, now, that an election imposed upon their country by the occupying power has taken place? Dream on...

# 3- The occupation continues, and will continue, for years to come. It doesn't matter which hand-picked members of the national assembly of US-occupied Iraq gain office- the fact remains, after almost two yeaqrs of occupation, that there are only 4,000 combat-ready troops in the Iraqi army (roughly equivalent to the luxembourg national guard.) American troops will continue to be on the ground, in Iraq, for years to come, and they will continue to die, in greater, and greater numbers, until we are forced to withdraw, once sane leadership is restored here, in the USA.

# 4- This is only the first day- rejoice, republicans and neocons, everywhere, while you can. If you think that ANYTHING in Iraq, in regards to the mounting death toll, and the instability of the region has changed one whit, because of this sham, you're sadly mistaken. Revel in your self-hypnosis, today, because things are only going to get worse.

# 5- The Sunnis effectively boycotted the vote, ensuring that Iraq will be dominated by a shiite majority, which will ensure that Iraq will devolve into a sectarian civil war (not that it hasn't, already.)

But hey- I know these facts won't even enter the discussion today, or tomorrow. Let's all get HAPPY!

WANK, WANK, WANK, SKEET, SKEET, SKEET! Let's pat ourselves on the back for spending close to 200 billion dollars to impose our will on a country halfway around the world. Sure- in the end, we're a nation that is now despised around the world, our economy is wrecked, and we're continuing to hemmorage money and the lives of men and women in uniform in record numbers, but heck- it doesn't matter- there was an "election" in Iraq- and while "election" is only a word, well- it sure sounds good, even though it will mean jack-squat, in the coming days.

Let's all come together, and talk about this, in another week, when another 30 american soldiers have died in Bush's glorious "democracy" of Iraq. And when another thousand american have died, for this misbegotten crusade, I DARE those who have spent today congradulating themselves to show their faces...

Sunday, January 30, 2005

UK troops killed in Iraq crash

Up to 15 British troops have been killed in the crash of a transport plane in Iraq, according to the UK Press Association.

The British Royal Air Force C-130 Hercules crashed north of Baghdad on Sunday.

British authorities have declined to provide details of casualties until the next-of-kin have been notified.

The Press Association, citing military sources, said "around 10" people died and that the final toll was "highly unlikely" to exceed 15.

U.S. military officials said the crash took place about 25 miles north of Baghdad, near Balad. They said widespread wreckage was visible and search-and-rescue operations by helicopters and U.S. ground forces were under way.

In a brief statement, a British Ministry of Defence spokesman confirmed the C- 130 crashed in northern Iraq at 5.25 p.m. local time Sunday (2.25 p.m. GMT, 9.25 a.m. ET).

RAF Wing Commander Nigel Arnold said authorities were still in the process of notifying the families.

"It would be wrong to speculate on the cause of the crash. We can assure you that a complete investigation will take place. We can make no further comment," he said.

In a televised statement, British Prime Minister Tony Blair said there had been "a tragic loss of lives" and expressed condolences to the families of the victims.

Blair said British troops are "doing an extraordinary job on behalf of their country."

He added, "Yet again today, we see the sacrifice that they made. Our thoughts and prayers are with the families of those who lost their lives earlier today. They can be so proud of what their loved ones accomplished. This country and the wider world will never forget them."

It was not clear how many people were on the plane when air traffic controllers lost contact with the plane, but some models can carry six crew members and 128 passengers.

Attacks in Iraq

Following is a list of attacks in Iraq during national elections on Sunday. Only attacks resulting in deaths or injuries are listed.

Suicide bombings

  • An attacker blew himself up about 100 meters from a polling station, killing one person and wounding 10 others, Iraqi police said. The bomber did not go through security; the explosion occurred before he was searched at the station in Iskan in western Baghdad.
  • An Iraqi police officer was killed about 8 a.m. when a suicide bomber attacked the Al-Zahawi school, which is functioning as a polling station, in the western Baghdad neighborhood of Mansour. Two Iraqi soldiers and three Iraqi civilians were wounded.
  • A suicide bomber detonated explosives while standing in line at the Maysaloun polling station, also in the Mansour neighborhood, Iraqi police said. Three people were killed and nine others were wounded.
  • Another suicide bomber targeted the western Baghdad home of Minister of Justice Malek Dohan Al-Hassan, detonating a bomb in front of the residence, Iraqi officials said. One person was killed in addition to the bomber. An unknown number of others were wounded in the attack.
  • One person was killed and an unknown number of others wounded in a suicide bombing in the southwestern Baghdad neighborhood of al-Amil, near the al-Shouhada polling center, an Iraqi police officer said.
  • In a suicide attack at the al-Jawahiri polling station in western Baghdad, one person was killed and as many as 16 others were wounded, Iraqi emergency police said.
  • One person was killed and five wounded in a suicide attack in the Zayoun neighborhood in eastern Baghdad at the Badar polling station, Iraqi officials said.
  • Two Iraqi policemen died and two others were wounded in a suicide attack targeting the Al-Assil polling station in the southern Baghdad neighborhood of New Baghdad.
  • Other attacks Sunday

  • In Baghdad, insurgents rounded up four voters who had left a polling station. Insurgents identified them by their ink-stained fingers, and killed them by throwing grenades at them, Iraqi police said. The attack occurred in the Sheikh Mar'rof area near Haifa Street -- an insurgent stronghold. The U.S. military was investigating.
  • A explosion killed three and wounded fourteen others on a bus near Hilla south of Baghdad.
  • A guard was killed and another wounded when a roadside bomb went off beside a convoy carrying Nineveh Deputy Gov. Khalo Goran.
  • Four voters were wounded in Khalis, about six miles (10 kilometers) west of Baquba, when a mortar round landed on a polling center, Iraqi police said.
  • Four Iraqi civilians were killed and eight wounded when three mortar rounds landed on a house just behind the Al Fidaa polling station in Sadr City in eastern Baghdad.
  • In Balad, 43 miles (70 kilometers) north of Baghdad, a mortar round landed at al-Rasafi polling center, killing an Iraqi civilian and wounding another about 9:10 a.m., an Iraqi official said. A second mortar wounded a woman near the town.
  • Three civilians were wounded when a bomb exploded in Kamalya in eastern Baghdad.
  • In the Al Shourha Al Rabia neighborhood of western Baghdad, a mortar round landed close to a polling station. Officials said there were deaths and injuries but did not have further details.