Monday, January 31, 2005


by Eric Blumrich at

I awoke, today, to find the corporate media, and the republicans, vigorously wetting themselves over today's "elections" in Iraq. Terms such as "resounding success" and "triumph" have filled the airwaves in a self-congradulatory orgy the likes of which we haven't seen since our own fraudlent "elections" here, in the good ol' USA.

But- let's get down to brass tacks, and get real.

# 1- We all know who "won" this "election"- Ayad Allawi, and his coalition of the puppets will emerge, victorious, to continue their reign as the US puppet regime. Just as it is, here in the United States, it really doesn't matter who votes- what matters is who COUNTS the votes.

# 2- The insurgency will continue, and intensify. Does anyone with two braincells to rub together think that the hundred-thousand-plus army of the Iraqi Insurgency will just lay down their arms, now, that an election imposed upon their country by the occupying power has taken place? Dream on...

# 3- The occupation continues, and will continue, for years to come. It doesn't matter which hand-picked members of the national assembly of US-occupied Iraq gain office- the fact remains, after almost two yeaqrs of occupation, that there are only 4,000 combat-ready troops in the Iraqi army (roughly equivalent to the luxembourg national guard.) American troops will continue to be on the ground, in Iraq, for years to come, and they will continue to die, in greater, and greater numbers, until we are forced to withdraw, once sane leadership is restored here, in the USA.

# 4- This is only the first day- rejoice, republicans and neocons, everywhere, while you can. If you think that ANYTHING in Iraq, in regards to the mounting death toll, and the instability of the region has changed one whit, because of this sham, you're sadly mistaken. Revel in your self-hypnosis, today, because things are only going to get worse.

# 5- The Sunnis effectively boycotted the vote, ensuring that Iraq will be dominated by a shiite majority, which will ensure that Iraq will devolve into a sectarian civil war (not that it hasn't, already.)

But hey- I know these facts won't even enter the discussion today, or tomorrow. Let's all get HAPPY!

WANK, WANK, WANK, SKEET, SKEET, SKEET! Let's pat ourselves on the back for spending close to 200 billion dollars to impose our will on a country halfway around the world. Sure- in the end, we're a nation that is now despised around the world, our economy is wrecked, and we're continuing to hemmorage money and the lives of men and women in uniform in record numbers, but heck- it doesn't matter- there was an "election" in Iraq- and while "election" is only a word, well- it sure sounds good, even though it will mean jack-squat, in the coming days.

Let's all come together, and talk about this, in another week, when another 30 american soldiers have died in Bush's glorious "democracy" of Iraq. And when another thousand american have died, for this misbegotten crusade, I DARE those who have spent today congradulating themselves to show their faces...


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