Thursday, January 20, 2005

Happy Inaguration Day....don't worry your pretty little mind about the dead

I guess he missed the Inaguration gala

I'm glad it's snowy, shitty weather in Washington. Bush deserves a blizzard, but we'll take what we can get.

Bush and his family live in a fantasy world where spending $40m to celebate his second term is supposed to be some kind of glorious occasion.

There's no glory in Bush or his war.

This ran on the BBC today.

A car shot at by US troops

Inside was a family

This is a four year old child covered in the blood of her parents and siblings

This is her sister being given first aid by a US soldier

Every day in Iraq brings a tragedy like this. The kids who are expected to make life and death decisions. The kids who suffer from them. The kids who don't come back. A cycle of misery which was preventable and may never end. What happens to these people? The soldiers who have to live with a nightmare of a decision, the image of a toddler screaming in pure terror and covered in blood. The children who are orphaned by this.

I don't think for a second that everyone involved wouldn't like to take back that moment, do something different, so they didn't kill a family or get killed. But there are no do overs in life.

Bush cannot say why we are in Iraq, except to bring democracy. Which translated to human means to install a puppet. In reality, that means installing some Shia cleric of variable anti-American rabidity.

Bush is tone deaf to all opposing ideas. Even as his social security plans make even GOP members blink, as they see the AARP mailings and nasty town hall meetings which await them. The fact that his "wife" Condi, unblinking in her utter incompetence, can defend Bush policies is amazing. Let Bush pick his cast of syncophants, Condi, his Igor, Gonzalez, let him hire the second-raters which make him feel smart. So they can all share in the coming failure of his plans.


Nope, don't mourn, organize.

Bush is a gambler, placing higher stakes as he loses. The house extends his marker again and again. But at some point, he has to pay. He acts as if he's a low-rent monarch and not responsible to a Congress and a public.

Bush is the least popular president since Nixon and we need to use that against him every day. He lied about Iraq, why would he tell the truth about Social Security?

Remember the misery that Bush caused with his wrong, failed war. Remember this: Bush's America legacy is terror and arrogance. It leaves contempt and enemies in his wake, as he goes blandly on, saying that the people love him because he won, no matter what lies he used to win.

So let's wish the protesters the best in the cold of Washington and remind the world that half of us tried to stop our George III.


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