Sunday, January 30, 2005

Attacks in Iraq

Following is a list of attacks in Iraq during national elections on Sunday. Only attacks resulting in deaths or injuries are listed.

Suicide bombings

  • An attacker blew himself up about 100 meters from a polling station, killing one person and wounding 10 others, Iraqi police said. The bomber did not go through security; the explosion occurred before he was searched at the station in Iskan in western Baghdad.
  • An Iraqi police officer was killed about 8 a.m. when a suicide bomber attacked the Al-Zahawi school, which is functioning as a polling station, in the western Baghdad neighborhood of Mansour. Two Iraqi soldiers and three Iraqi civilians were wounded.
  • A suicide bomber detonated explosives while standing in line at the Maysaloun polling station, also in the Mansour neighborhood, Iraqi police said. Three people were killed and nine others were wounded.
  • Another suicide bomber targeted the western Baghdad home of Minister of Justice Malek Dohan Al-Hassan, detonating a bomb in front of the residence, Iraqi officials said. One person was killed in addition to the bomber. An unknown number of others were wounded in the attack.
  • One person was killed and an unknown number of others wounded in a suicide bombing in the southwestern Baghdad neighborhood of al-Amil, near the al-Shouhada polling center, an Iraqi police officer said.
  • In a suicide attack at the al-Jawahiri polling station in western Baghdad, one person was killed and as many as 16 others were wounded, Iraqi emergency police said.
  • One person was killed and five wounded in a suicide attack in the Zayoun neighborhood in eastern Baghdad at the Badar polling station, Iraqi officials said.
  • Two Iraqi policemen died and two others were wounded in a suicide attack targeting the Al-Assil polling station in the southern Baghdad neighborhood of New Baghdad.
  • Other attacks Sunday

  • In Baghdad, insurgents rounded up four voters who had left a polling station. Insurgents identified them by their ink-stained fingers, and killed them by throwing grenades at them, Iraqi police said. The attack occurred in the Sheikh Mar'rof area near Haifa Street -- an insurgent stronghold. The U.S. military was investigating.
  • A explosion killed three and wounded fourteen others on a bus near Hilla south of Baghdad.
  • A guard was killed and another wounded when a roadside bomb went off beside a convoy carrying Nineveh Deputy Gov. Khalo Goran.
  • Four voters were wounded in Khalis, about six miles (10 kilometers) west of Baquba, when a mortar round landed on a polling center, Iraqi police said.
  • Four Iraqi civilians were killed and eight wounded when three mortar rounds landed on a house just behind the Al Fidaa polling station in Sadr City in eastern Baghdad.
  • In Balad, 43 miles (70 kilometers) north of Baghdad, a mortar round landed at al-Rasafi polling center, killing an Iraqi civilian and wounding another about 9:10 a.m., an Iraqi official said. A second mortar wounded a woman near the town.
  • Three civilians were wounded when a bomb exploded in Kamalya in eastern Baghdad.
  • In the Al Shourha Al Rabia neighborhood of western Baghdad, a mortar round landed close to a polling station. Officials said there were deaths and injuries but did not have further details.


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