Thursday, December 30, 2004



I want to preface my comments, regarding the ongoing disaster in south asia/africa/oceania by urging folks out there to PLEASE give a few bucks to the International Red Cross/Red Crescent societies. They will accept donations as small as one dollar, and there are hundreds of thousands needing help. There are a lot of other charities asking for material goods- contribute to them, if you are inclined to- but keep in mind that whatever goods you contribute will be sitting in a warehouse in San Diego for six months, while thousands go without.

The most vital thing you can do right now, is send cash, to the agencies who have the wherewithal to spend it well, and get it to where it's needed, and the best organization to send cash to, overall, is the Red Cross/Crescent

Now- a side note- the most striking news snippet I saw today was the DEPUTY press secretary for Bush, when he rolled out before the press, and promised that the United States would Pledge a WHOPPING 36 million, to the relief efforts, prefacing his comments by saying that The United States is the most generous contributor to relief funds, worldwide.

First off- well- I could ramble on- but I'll keep it at this:

Bush's administration spent almost 200 billion, killing 100,000, in Iraq, but, in a situation such as this, the best they can come up with is 36 million bucks? Hell- that's less than the budget for his January coronation- which weighs in now at 40 million-plus.

Secondly- that smarmy- self-satisfied ego-boo they throw in there- about the United States being the most generous contributor...

It's GREAT the way they couched that statement- it's tailor-made. It makes us feel GOOD about ourselves. If I were dare to contradict it, I'd be accused of "tearing america down", and "denegrating the good will of the american people".

But here's the crux- lemme put it in newspeak:

"Realfacts counter party duckspeak reliefwise, Eastasia lifeloss"

The facts of the matter: Out of the 30 major industrialized nations on planet earth, the united states is LAST in relief and health aid, as indexed by available economic data.

Now- I'm not trying to denegrate our efforts, in this matter- we here in America are a good, giving people, and our generosity, when properly focussed, can do great and wonderful things. But when the press secretary gets up and tells a blatant lie, regarding such an important situation, it is indicative of the social schizophrenia, of our society, as a whole.

It is the same mindset that allows those in the red states to say that they know more about the sancitity of marriage, when divorce rates are, on average, 40% higher in the red states, than in the blue states. Or, when the Bush core claims a higher moral standard, even though crime, abortion, teen pregnancy, illiteracy, and other social ills are more prevelant in their own heartland.

There is a fundamental disconnect, there, and I find it just impossible to swallow.


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